Managing your business in China is hard enough. Worrying about non-core activities shouldn't be a feature of doing business in China.

ManageChina is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm.


We believe you should be free to work on the part of your business you are best at. Worrying about troublesome administration or setting up the network in your office shouldn't represent a roadblock to success for you in your China undertaking.

Let ManageChina take care of all your non-core requirements.      Learn more

Establish the right business entity, obtain the right visa, set up bank accounts, lodge your finances with the authorities and have a set of management accounts.

Whether it is a virtual assistant for phone and reception services or support for a business or university delegation. Find out why businesses large and small use this service.

Ensuring that those basic elements of your HR policy are in place. In particular, your handbook and your work contracts.

Setting up the computers or building a server based network is fine if you have IT staff - but what if you don't?




Some resources you might find useful

Download these helpful fact sheets:   


Bookkeeping in China

Rep Office in China

WFOE in China

news Update: Rep Office Inspections

Make sure that you fully comply with the new Representative Office annual inspection requirements




news Airline uses ManageChina's services

One of Asia's leading regional airlines has chosen to use ManageChina to help manage their business here in China.


news Sandstone Uni Comes to China

Australian University takes a large group of students to meet business leaders in China each year. To ensure it all goes smoothtly, they use admin support provided by ManageChina