Intellectual Property in China: Registration and Management

Challenges managing your most important asset , mean you have to take a strategic approach to this very critical issue. Our clients treat this issue as one of their most important and so do we.


Why not establish an Intellectual Property protection approach for the whole world?

You take full control

You can register all IP with a one-stop-shop approach and do this right here in China.


Keep in mind that you can't hope to enforce your IP argument if you choose no protection.

You need to take a nuanced approach

Protection is not enforcement but it is certainly a first step.

Your Company

Each company has it's own unique requirements and as such produces its own unique challenges

Don't leave to chance

You owe it to the shareholders to make sure you do everything you possibly can.

Dispelling Some Myths

China has had some nasty press concerning IP infringement over the years and this has reinforced in the minds of many that it isn’t worth protecting your IP in China if it is going to be infringed anyway . But much has changed in the last 5 years and now more than ever before, you need to take charge of this important process..

Keep in mind you can’t expect enforcement if you don’t bother to register any IP. The best proof comes from the Chinese companies themselves  and increased local government prosecutions of IP infringement.

All our Solutions

It’s great to have someone so familiar with the Chinese landscape on our side. I really appreciate the work ManageChina has done on our behalf and continue to do.
It’s not just about the insight they bring but also the timely manner and the regular reporting and meeting they do courtesy of their 12-4-2 customer service program.

Thanks a lot guys


Michael P, ChinaSME123
Hey Guys

Thanks so much for the assist over the last 18 months – I couldn’t have done it without you.

Cynthia, Marketing88

ManageChina sets up your company according to an agreed to timeline to help you stay in front of it all.  For us it is all about expectation management and keeping you happy and informed throughout the process.