Your Management Accounts

Your Primary Window Into Your Business In China

With nearly 15 years experience, ManageChina is your trusted outsource partner in China.

Accounts You Can Work With

We use formats that most managers and accountant are familiar with. From Xero to MYOB to Quickbooks.


We can create formats that suit your particular business needs and based on a set of accounts and reports from your head office, should you need it.

More Than Just A Simple P & L

You need to have a deep understanding of cashflow and receivables as much as anything else. Not simply bottom line numbers.


Staying on top of unit profitability alongside a series of other metrics will help determine your success or failure in China.

Accounts that you can count on

We make sure that we produce your accounts on time every time. Particularly useful if you are reporting to a head office.


Details in your monthly reporting are repeated and further analysed as part of your 12-4-2 ongoing customer review process.

Your Management Accounts

It’s not enough just to keep a simple set of books to keep the government happy

You have to make sure you have a handle on the business yourself. What better way than to have a set of documents that help steer that ship.

More than one good business has gone broke from being ‘too successful’. Such success brings with it difficult growth to manage, cashflow issues and a range of other issues that need proper management. It needs , more than a set of books you keep for tax purposes. It needs a set of books you can use to assist with strategic direction.


Liquidy ratios, cashflows, budgets – and that’s just the start

There are any number of forms and reports that you can collect on your way to better management practice. What we do at ManageChina is try and keep it as simple as possible but deliver the best return we can. We provide a series of measures which you can use on a day to day, month to month or yearly basis to keep tabs on your business.

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It’s great to have someone so familiar with the Chinese landscape on our side. I really appreciate the work ManageChina has done on our behalf and continue to do.
It’s not just about the insight they bring but also the timely manner and the regular reporting and meeting they do courtesy of their 12-4-2 customer service program.
Michael P, ChinaSME123
Hey Guys

Thanks so much for the assist over the last 18 months – I couldn’t have done it without you.


Cynthia, Marketing88

ManageChina puts the important information at your fingertips to help guide your decision making. We try to make sure that you have all information right in front of you at all times to keep you on the right track!.