Setting Up A Company

Critical You Make The Right Choice of Business Entity

It’s not nearly as quick, nor nearly as easy as it is back home to set up an entity in China.

Listening To Your Requirements

Every Company Is Different And Every Company Has It's Own Special Needs

WFOE? Or Something Else?

You need to be careful which entity you choose – whether it be WFOE, Rep Office or another.

Working To A Prearranged Timeline

Too Many Of Our Competitors Over Promise And Under Deliver On Getting The Job Done On Time

Managing Expectation

We make sure that you are kept informed throughout the process of setting up your company

Choosing The Right Corporate Structure

Every Single Clients Has A Different Set Of Needs And No Two Outcomes Can Be The Same

Integration with other Non-Chinese Businesses

Ensuring that your Chinese company choices dovetail with your offshore holding company choices is critical

Set Up A Company

Registering a company in China can be quite a complicated business

Why let someone else take charge of the process when you can take control of it yourself

Whether it is a Representative Office (RO), a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE), local company or Joint Venture (JV), we can help set it up for you. Each one is different, with different time lines, capital requirements, residential requirements…and the list goes on. Whichever one you choose, the most important thing of all to remember is that you need to do it properly the first time. Going back to the Chinese government again and again can result in lost time and money.


Establishing your corporate entity and obtaining the right visas is like constructing the right foundations for your house. The consequences of not doing it properly can be dire.

There are so many steps involved in setting up a corporate entity in China, it is difficult to know where to start first. That’s why we use a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) to ensure no step is overlooked and each one is done in a timely fashion. These SOP’s are constantly updated as part of our commitment to continuous improvement and total quality.

All our Solutions

It’s great to have someone so familiar with the Chinese landscape on our side. I really appreciate the work ManageChina has done on our behalf and continue to do.
It’s not just about the insight they bring but also the timely manner and the regular reporting and meeting they do courtesy of their 12-4-2 customer service program.

Thanks a lot guys


Michael P, ChinaSME123
Hey Guys

Thanks so much for the assist over the last 18 months – I couldn’t have done it without you.


Cynthia, Marketing88

ManageChina sets up your company according to an agreed to timeline to help you stay in front of it all.  For us it is all about expectation management and keeping you happy and informed throughout the process.