Staffing: A company’s TOP Priority in China

More than ever companies demand the best staff, and ManageChina is there to help.  From structuring a staffing plan through to finding the right people in market.

Local Insight

Using Local Labour Bureau online forums as just one example of local insight in recruiting staff in China

Understanding the local market

Local labour law drives everything from probationary periods to termination regulation

Managing any or all of the recruitment process

From locating to CV screening to any or all of the recruitment value chain

Meeting your staffing requirements

It really comes down to what part of the process you want to be involved with and what part you need outsourced.

What happens after the hire?

Before the probationary period is over, there really needs to be a review process put in place

How should you manage the offer in China?

As part of the on-boarding process for the new staff member, we provide an ‘offer management’ service.

Getting the Right Staff is Critical

Staffing  is something that many new market entrants tend to rush and finish up making mistakes they quickly regret. It doesn’t have to be like this if you choose to take a strategic approach to building your greatest competitive advantage.

ManageChina assists with all aspects of the talent acquisition value chain thus allowing you to maximise your own internal staffing knowledge and strengths. By utilising our service, you are able to choose what, if any, of the acquisition process you are directly involved with and what part you choose to outsource to our talent management professionals.

All our Solutions

It’s great to have someone so familiar with the Chinese landscape on our side. I really appreciate the work ManageChina has done on our behalf and continue to do.

It’s not just about the insight they bring but also the timely manner and the regular reporting and meeting they do courtesy of their 12-4-2 customer service program.

Thanks a lot guys


Michael P, ChinaSME123
Hey Guys

Thanks so much for the assist over the last 18 months – I couldn’t have done it without you.

Cynthia, Marketing88

ManageChina sets up your company according to an agreed to timeline to help you stay in front of it all.  For us it is all about expectation management and keeping you happy and informed throughout the process.