Finance Administration

There are a range of financial administrative tasks you need to consider, not the least of which is submitting your taxes regularly and efficiently.

Other issues you need to consider include:

  • How do I repatriate profits or capital?
  • What’s expected of me in my annual audit?
  • I’ve heard there’s no need to provide paid in capital.  Is this true?

For those interested, the answer to the last one is no, it’s not true.  But the complete answer is far more complex.

Management Accounts

Data that allows you to accurately manage your China business

Keeping Track in China

Managing your business using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)


Expert management of your local tax submissions so that you comply with all local requirements

Local Compliance

Local tax laws are quite a bit different to what you are probably used to at home


Literally 'The Legal Ticket' - accounting for deductible expenses

Local Deductions

Understanding the difference between what’s an acceptable deduction and what isn’t.


Ensuring that you are compliant with all local labour law requirements

Social Insurance and Housing Fund

It’s not just about the payment of the correct salary – all other on-costs need to be properly accounted for

Some of Our Services

ManageChina has over ten year’s experience in both setting up and running the compliance for many foreign companies choosing to base in China.  Rather than deal with the day to day running of the things like tax submissions, fapiao issuance or payroll calculations, they outsource it to us.

Why Choose Us

      • Long history of building relationships with a variety of district tax offices
      • Constant review and reporting of changes in tax law that will effect clients directly
      • Sit down quarterly reviews of the business
      • Half yearly sit down planning sessions
      • Monthly tailored reports for all clients.

What Client’s Say

ManageChina really helped us navigate through the taxation seas of China. We just didn’t have enough work to employ a full time person and so having ManageChina available to do this on a contract basis was integral to our success.
Ted G, FMCG Company
Really great effort. Particularly liked the way they reach out proactively each 3 months.
Mary M, Mining Company