Human Resources

When asked, most people who have done business in China would list the challenges in Human Resources above all other challenges in China.  The reasons are myriad.

Finding the right people and then being able to keep them is the foremost challenge in China.  For many players here it isn’t a case of finding someone who can recruit or train staff but in fact finding someone who can fill the knowledge gaps where they appear.

At ManageChina, we find ourselves filling the knowledge gaps that appear in the HR value chain all the time.


Payroll calculations aren't as straightforward in China as in some countries

Adjusting for the Differences

At the very least you need to get the issues of ‘housing fund’ and ‘social insurance’ completely right.  And don’t forget, these calculations can vary city to city, province to province.

Finding Staff

In a country with so many people it seems crazy that finding the right person proves so problematic

Sharing the workload

At ManageChina we are able to undertake any or all of the recruitment process.  Happy to be in charge of it/equally happy to work with your HR team

Outsourcing your staff requirement

Take some of your staffing activities off the books

All care and no responsibility

Why not let us perform tasks you prefer not to do with our staff and consultants.

Keeping Good Staff

Establishing and maintaining a system of performance review is critical to success in China


Work with our team to develop face to face and online training solutions that suit your China business needs

Some of Our Services

ManageChina has over ten year’s experience in both setting up and running the compliance for many foreign companies choosing to base in China.  Rather than deal with the day to day running of the things like tax submissions, fapiao issuance or payroll calculations, they outsource it to us.

Why Choose Us

      • We are part of your staffing value chain
      • We can manage all or part of this staffing value chain
      • We are able to find an outsourced solution to your short-term requirement
      • We manage the complexities of inter-municipal payroll requirements
      • One job to one team – we can find staff our contractors to help

What Client’s Say

It’s crazy to think we didn’t consider this before. We are able to outsource a very large amount of term paper grading to ManageChina. It meant our full time staff could concentrate on in-class activities better.
Thomas T, ABC University Business School
Outsourcing our China Study Tours is a no-brainer. We have been doing this with ManageChina for nearly ten years and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.
David F, XYZ University Business School