Information Technology

China is a great place to buy cheap effective IT equipmentbut who sets it up and who deals with it when it breaks down?
Effective office IT set up is a must.

IT Advanced

Making sure we understand the business case first is our prime concern.

There are far too many IT companies who want to sell you their favourite IT solution without much concern for whether or not it will meet your business needs.

At ManageChina we are very aware that business comes first and that IT is an enabler.


Building a solution around you and doing it using the ManageChina Cloud Project Management Solution makes it not only a clear solution but a cost effective and efficient one too.



A more advanced level of support

Some of the features of this product are:


- Network Solutions involving advanced Google App Solutions and custom deployments

- CRM Integration built around SugarCRM cloud platform

- Secure Data and Information Management Environment Solution



For more information on this type of product or any other:

Chian Business Case Study

Trying to connect a very complicated global supply chain was this sourcing company's special challenge.
ManageChina was there to show them how to do it.

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There are lots of things in store for this product and repair and maintenance is just the start.
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